Technology Department Information and Statistics

The information below is up-to-date as of the 2014-15 school year:

Technology Department Staff

Adam Kurth, Director of Technology
Kendra Wolf, Student Information Systems Coordinator
David Morris, Information Systems Technician

Equipment and Infrastructure

Computers: 743
Platforms: OS X, Windows 7, Windows 8, Chrome OS
Tablets: 459
Platforms: iOS, Android
Digital Projectors:  115
Models: Epson 96W, Epson 99W, Epson Brightlink 475Wi
Interactive Whiteboard Devices: 114
Models: MimioTeach, Epson Brightlink 475Wi

Printers & Copiers: 51

Network switches: 12×48 port, 3×24 port
Minimum port speed: 1Gb
Wireless access points: 91
Wireless network standard: 802.11a/b/g/n
Building-to-building connections: 1Gb fiber
Internet Bandwidth: 160Mb
Firewall: Palo Alto PA-3020

Server Infrastructure: VMWare ESXi
Virtual Servers: 20
Physical Servers: 6
Selected Services Provided: Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, IIS, SMTP, MySQL, MSSQL, WordPress, Licensing (Autodesk, Rosetta Stone), print server, file server, HVAC, JAMF JSS, SCCM, time clocks, accounting, Web Help Desk, Netboot


OS X Management: JAMF Casper Suite
Windows Management: Group Policy / SCCM
iOS/Android Management: Meraki Systems Manager
Printers: PaperCut


The ADM Schools use Google Apps for Education for email, online content creation, storage, and collaboration


Support Tickets (2013-14): 1,495
Average Time to Resolution: 31 hours

Changes Through the Years

  • Equipment
    • Average computer age has decreased from 8.2 years (2012) to 1.9 years (2014)
    • Average time to support ticket resolution has decreased from 47 hours (2011) to 24 hours (2014)
    • Number of devices supported has increase from 863 (2011) to 1,570 (2014)
  • Infrastructure
    • Internet bandwidth has increased from 7.5Mb (2011) to 160Mb (2014)
    • Wired/wireless networks replaced in 2012
  • Budget
    • Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) for technology funding passed by voters in 2012
    • Repair costs fell from 68% of technology expenses (2011) to 21% (2014)
  • Policies and Training
    • District and building-level technology cadres launched in 2012
    • District technology advisory committee launched in 2014
  •  Staff
    • Director of Technology position created in 2011
    • Information Systems Technician position created in 2013
    • Student Information Systems Coordinator position created in 2014



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