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Redundant Internet Connection

It has been a long time since I’ve added a post to the ADM Technology blog. It’s not that there has been nothing for me to write about, but rather that it has been busy behind the scenes and there has … Continue reading

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Apple Airplay

One of the more appealing features of more recent Apple devices is the Airplay function. In a nutshell, this allows OSX (10.8 or later) and iOS devices to share their screens with a compatible display device. The two big targets … Continue reading

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Wireless Upgrade and Mimio Studio

Today’s development day in the ADM district has left sufficient free time to apply a major update to our Meru wireless network. All signs are pointing to it having been a trouble free upgrade, and once we have confirmed that … Continue reading

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Voicemail Avaya IP Phones

Amongst the most common requests we receive at the ADM technology department are those with regard to accessing voicemail on Avaya phones. It’s a fairly straight forward process, and rather than bore you with the instructions directly I thought I’d … Continue reading

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