Embedding Videos and Images in Moodle

You can embed videos from YouTube into your ADM Schools Moodle page, as well as insert images and audio files.

Embedding a Video from YouTube (or other online services)

  1. Find your video on YouTube or another online service, and copy the URL from your web browser’s address bar
  2. On your Moodle page, edit the content area in which you would like to embed a video.  You can add videos to topics, assignment descriptions, resources, and so forth.
  3. Click the “Media” button in the text editor toolbar
  4. Paste your video URL into the “Enter URL” box, and then enter a name for your video:  NOTE: You can also browse your Moodle repository or Google Drive for videos that you have saved there, and you can upload audio files using this same tool.  
  5. Click Insert Media

At this point, your video will be embedded in your content area, though it won’t appear until you’ve saved it and view it on your course page.  Within the editor, the only thing you will see will be the video title that you assigned.  I’ve embedded a sample video below:

Inserting Images

It is very simple to insert an image into a Moodle content area.  Simply save the image to your computer, and then drag it into the content area.  For example, I will drag a saved image of foliage types just below this text, which will then insert it into my page.  After the image has been inserted, I can click on it and then click the “Image” button imagebutton to change its size, caption, and text alignment.

foliage types

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