Moodle vs. Infinite Campus

As of this year, teachers at ADM High School and ADM Middle School can choose to use either Infinite Campus or Moodle as their learning management system (LMS).

Infinite Campus

While Infinite Campus is primarily a student information system (SIS), it has a number of integrated LMS features, such as online assignment listings and submissions, online quizzes/tests, messaging capabilities, gradebook, and full class rosters.


Whereas Infinite Campus is primarily an SIS, Moodle is a powerful (and free) LMS.  In existence for almost 15 years and with 25% of higher ed market share, Moodle has shown to be an effective choice even for institutions with significant financial resources.  Some features of Moodle include course websites, online assignments in many formats, a powerful quiz/test module, collaboration activities (discussion boards, chat rooms, wikis, crowd-sourced databases, etc.), Google Drive integration, and the ability to embed video and audio, among many others.


Check out my Prezi comparing the LMS features of Moodle and Infinite Campus.  I’ll be posting how-to guides to the blog for teachers who are just getting started with these LMS options.

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