ADM Technology Department Summer Projects

We have a busy summer ahead in the technology department, with most of these projects starting as soon as classes end in May.  Some of  our summer projects include:

HiveAP370Wireless Deployment / Reallocation: The district currently has five construction projects in progress, with the Adel Elementary and DeSoto Intermediate additions scheduled to be finished by the start of the 2015-16 school year, and later completion dates for additions to ADM High School, ADM Middle School, and renovations in advance of the central offices move to the former 6-7 grade building in Adel.  Rather than expand our current wireless network to accommodate these additions and the new central administration building, we will reallocate our current Meru wireless equipment along with an Aerohive solution to provide wireless service throughout the district.  As soon as classes end, we will begin the process of running cable and placing new APs to support this new wireless implementation.  Among the benefits of this solution will be improved support for high-density device deployments district-wide, implementation of a more scaleable and manageable solution for future changes and additions, and support for higher-speed wireless (802.11ac) in our highest demand areas.  In short, better wireless performance.  

485wi_c08_4New Construction Classroom Technology Implementations: The start of the 2015-16 school year will mark the opening of the new additions at Adel Elementary and DeSoto Intermediate.  The technology department will be busy this summer mounting projectors, running AV cabling, and preparing devices to support our standard classroom technology implementation.  At the elementary grade levels, this classroom technology suite includes an Epson 485Wi interactive projector, integrated speakers, MimioView document camera, and three iPads per classroom.  

avaya-9650c-ip-phoneVoIP Consolidation: Since the district first implemented a VoIP solution in 2005, we’ve supported three separate implementations at our DeSoto, Adel Elementary, and ADM HS/MS/Central Office sites.  This summer, we will be consolidating those systems under one management framework, which will improve service and efficiency of communication between buildings, allow us to seamlessly transition the central offices to the new location at the central administration building, and decrease management overhead.  This will all be done without compromising security functions like 911 routing.  

chromebook-lenovo-n21-pic4New Device Deployments: New device deployments will impact each building, including some deployments that are funded by the new ADM Innovates internal grant program (check the blog for more information to come about award recipients).  At the DeSoto building, we will be adding roughly 100 Chromebooks, paid for with proceeds from the State of Iowa’s settlement with Microsoft.  ADM High School will be receiving additional Lenovo laptops to support our PLTW Biomedical Science program, while the Middle School will receive additional Lenovo laptops and Chromebooks to support literacy, differentiated learning programs, and general classroom usage.  DeSoto Intermediate and Adel Elementary will also receive additional devices funded by the ADM Innovates program.  We are excited about the opportunities that these devices will provide for our students, but are also anxious to start preparing them so that they are ready to go at the start of the 2015-16 school year.

streaming-plus-wilkes-2-300x175Discovery Streaming Plus: We will be configuring a new implementation of Discovery Streaming Plus, a media library and sharing platform that will be available for students and teachers at DeSoto Intermediate and Adel Elementary.  This platform was once provided to the district by Heartland AEA, and teachers and administrators have expressed excitement about once again being able to make use of this resource.

200-324122New Website Deployment: Our new website will be deployed in early summer following a content-creation phase, and we look forward to tweaking and adding to it in advance of the 2015-16 school year.

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