Website Redesign Update

The ADM Schools, along with our website designers at Juicebox Interactive in Des Moines, have been working on a project to replace the district’s current website.  After a significant discovery process that included meetings with community members, school district faculty and staff, and our website design committee, we began the design phase.  I’m happy to say that the design process is complete, and we are moving into the content creation portion of the process, while Juicebox irons out the nuts and bolts of site development.

Per a decision by our website design committee, a small content creation team including me, Beth Knipper, and Debbie Stiles will be meeting with directors, faculty, coaches, and others to get the information we need to develop the actual content that will populate our new website.  With this approach, we hope to ensure that our students, parents, community members, and staff can access the information that they need easily and quickly, while also creating clarity and consistency throughout the site.

We are very excited about the new website design, and can’t wait to show it off.  With a target date of May or June, I think we’ll be in a position for a very exciting leap forward in district communications this summer and early fall.

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