Tech PD Focus for 2015-16

In order to best guide our technology PD focus for 2015-2016, the building-level technology cadres have been working over the past month to brainstorm and refine focus areas for the 2015-2016 school year.  As we move into spring, we’ll continue to pare these down in order to make sure that teachers’ professional development time is well spent.  As of now, some of the areas of focus that are under consideration include:

  • standardized system for communicating assignments to students and parents
  • training for Google Drive sharing and organization
  • planning for 1:1 (one device per student)
  • working with YouTube
  • screencasting
  • working with Google Forms / Classroom / Scripts / Sites
  • focus on learning management systems
  • Creator apps (educreations, sonic pics, haiku deck, book creator, etc.)
  • Genius hour / maker space / coding
  • standardizing technology focus in classrooms
  • implementation of Go Math curriculum
  • using media in the classroom

I’m looking forward to seeing what other ideas are presented as we move forward.  During late March and early April, the tech cadres will be refining these topics into cohesive and impactful focus areas.

Thanks to the tech cadre members for your hard work!

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