Spring 2015 Optional Technology PD

Here are the sessions that will be offered for optional technology PD during the Spring, 2015 semester:

  • Using Google Forms as a Survey Tool: Monday, February 16th @ 3:40 PM (HS Technology Lab, Room 204)
  • Google Drive Organization and Gmail Filtering: Monday, March 9th @ 3:40 PM (ADM Board Room)
  • Tablet PCs in the Classroom: Wednesday, April 1st @ 3:40 PM (ADM Board Room)
  • Topic TBA: Monday, April 20th @ 3:40 PM (ADM Board Room)
  • Course Websites with Moodle: Wednesday, May 13th @ 3:40 PM (HS Technology Lab, Room 204)

technologypdHere are more detailed descriptions:

Using Google Forms as a Survey Tool: Learn how to use Google Forms, one of the components of Google Drive, to create surveys that you can easily distribute to students, staff, parents, community members, or anyone else.  We’ll walk through creation of different types of questions and options for how to best distribute your survey.  We’ll also discuss how to collect and analyze the results of your surveys.  Online surveys can be a useful tool both inside and outside the classroom.

Google Drive Organization and Gmail Filtering: Has your Google Drive gotten out of control?  Do you get 49 billion email messages per day to your school or personal accounts?  Learn how to take back your data with some simple approaches to Google Drive organization that will allow you to more easily sort and find your documents.  Also, learn a few simple steps that will allow you to dramatically (and automatically) reduce the amount of unwanted email that you need to sort through.

Tablet PCs in the Classroom: Learn about tablet PCs, computers that can accept touch and digitizer (pen) input.  We’ll walk through how a tablet PC can be used as an interactive whiteboard, a note-taking device, or an interactive tablet, all with the power and capabilities of a full computer.  Further, we’ll discuss options for how you could gain access to one in your classroom.

Topic TBA: This topic is being left open in order to respond to needs that arise in the next couple of months.  Please feel free to contact me to request a topic for this session.

Course Websites with Moodle: We’ll explore, hands-on, the process of building a course website with Moodle, which allows for interactive features such as discussion boards, homework assignment distribution / collection / review, chat rooms, online database creation, and creation of blogs and wikis.  We’ll also discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of Moodle and Google Classroom.  The timing for this session is geared towards preparing course web presence for the 2015-16 school year!

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of these sessions!

– Adam

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