ADM Technology Committee Approves Internet Content Filtering Policy

At its meeting on January 28th, the ADM Schools Technology Committee approved a new internet content filtering policy, which provides a formal mechanism for decisions regarding whether specific internet content or services will be filtered.  You can access the full policy via the link below:

Internet Content Filtering Policy 01-2015

Here are a few highlights of the new policy:

  • Certain content will be filtered by rule: this includes all content that we are required to filter by the Children’s Internet Protection Act, which requires that all schools receiving federal funding implement a base level of content filtering.  Further, we will continue to filter internet sites and services that are a direct threat to network security or basic operation (such as sites that are hosting viruses or file sharing services that would monopolize internet performance)
  • It will be easy to request that sites/services be unblocked or blocked: if you would like to request that content be blocked/unblocked, simply put a ticket in to the ADM Support system with your request.  Please give as much information as possible about the site/service you would like us to take action on, and provide a short background regarding why you’re making the request.  If the request is non-controversial (i.e., block this pornography website that is currently not being filtered), I’ll take action on it immediately.  If it’s a more difficult issue, the request will go to the district’s technology committee for review.

This policy provides a framework for systematic review of requests to open or close access to internet content, allowing a variety of perspectives to provide input on these (sometimes difficult) decisions.  It’s our hope that this will allow us to better provide access to services can be utilized in the classroom, while also improving the safety and security of our internet resources.

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