Clarity Survey Results

During late November and early December, students, staff members, and parents participated in the Clarity Survey, which was designed to assess the effectiveness and needs facing our technology program at ADM.  Over 1,000 respondents participated, and the results that we received are fascinating.  While this lengthy survey generated a great deal of data (it was returned to us in the form of 14 separate reports), I wanted to report on some of the key data that emerged from the survey.

First, a few basics about the survey:

  • Total respondents: 1,400
    • 877 students (3rd – 12th)
    • 367 parents
    • 156 staff members
  • Administered from November 17th – December 5th
  • Survey provided for free by Heartland AEA

CASE Score (an index of overall effectiveness)






environmentTech Support by the Numbers


Tech PD by the Numbers

techpdbythenumbersAccess by the Numbers


Environment by the Numbers

environmentbythenumbersDigital Tools by the Numbers


Critical Thinking by the Numbers


Home Access by the Numbers


Key Takeaways

  • Instructional technology planning is a weakness
    • Only 72% of teachers say it is average or better
    • Only 57% say that planning support comes within 24 hours
  • Technology support is a strength
    • 85% say better than average (95% at AE, DI, MS)
    • 81% say tech support arrives within 24 hours (85%+ at AE, DI, MS)
  • Perceptions of tech support, PD, access, and environment are far worse in the high school than in other buildings
    • Perceptions of the tech program’s effectiveness in the middle school are better than in the other buildings
  • Resource education is critical
    • Inconsistencies between actual services provided and reported services provided
  • Student perceptions of the technology program are positive
    • Also, the vast majority of ADM students have computer and internet access at home
  • Students (3rd-12th) report a very high rate of technology use
    • 94% report using an online document storage system within the past month

I’ll continue to break down and analyze this survey data, as well as share it with the building technology cadres, district tech committee, administrative team, and other groups.  It is my hope that this data can serve as more than just a momentary cross-section of our technology offerings, and instead can help to inform our efforts to improve our service and training programs while allowing us to focus our resources where they’re most needed.

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