Optional Tech PD Topic Requests

techtrainingI’m working on a schedule for optional technology PD sessions for second semester, and would like input from you.  I’ve offered optional technology PD sessions for the past few years, typically meeting after school in the board room or in one of the schools for about 45 minutes.  I’ll likely follow a similar format this year, although I’d like to offer some of the sessions via videoconferencing, which I hope will make it easier for staff members to attend from throughout the district (or wherever you happen to be).

Submitting Topic Requests

  • Please email me with any requests for topics that you’d like to see offered


  • Join a short videoconference with me tomorrow (Wednesday) at 3:30 PM so we can discuss potential topics or I can offer help in narrowing down what might be helpful to you.  You can join the videoconference here: https://zoom.us/j/801157363

Topic requests can be as general or as specific as they need to be, though the more specifics you offer will help ensure that I cover what you want me to cover.  Just as an FYI, some previous session topics have included:

  • MimioStudio Basics
  • Synchronizing Files with Dropbox
  • Google Forms
  • Moodle Course Creation
  • Flipping Your Classroom
  • Screencasting
  • Paper Usage Reduction
  • Effective PowerPoint
  • MimioVote Basics
  • DIY Computer Maintenance
  • Infinite Campus Q&A
  • Finding and Obtaining iPad Apps
  • Social Networking and the Classroom
  • Twitter
  • Quizlet
  • Intro to iTunes U
  • Filesharing and Storage
  • Online Quizzes/Surveys with Google Apps
  • MimioTeach Basics
  • MimioView Basics
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