iPad Update Announcement

Due to security and network performance issues, we will be upgrading all classroom and cart-assigned iPads to the current operating system and reenrolling them with our management server over winter break.  Unfortunately, the contents of all iPads will be erased as part of this process.

This update does not apply to iPads assigned directly to teachers, as we don’t want to force you to leave the iPad here throughout winter break.  We’ll be in touch with teachers who have district-issued iPads shortly after break to arrange an update time.

We’ll reinstall iPad apps that you request

In order to reduce the disruption caused by this upgrade as much as possible for you, we will be happy to install any apps that you currently use (or would like to add).  You can request as many apps as you like for room-assigned or cart-assigned iPads; simply use the links below to access the appropriate spreadsheets (below):

  • You can use the room-assigned iPad app request spreadsheet to request any apps for iPads that are assigned to your room (not including carts).  Enter the app name, followed by your name and room number.  Note that you can copy and paste your name/room number after you enter it once so that you don’t need to enter it for each app that you want us to install.
  • Use the links for iPad cart app requests to request that apps be installed on any of the iPad carts; you will just need to enter the app name and your name (so we can contact you if we have questions).  If you request an app for a building, the app will be installed on both iPad carts assigned to that building.  If you notice that somebody else has already requested an app, you do not need to request it again.

What won’t be reinstalled?

Any currently-installed iPad apps that are not requested via these forms will not be reinstalled, though you will have access to install apps at any time using the admtunes@adel.k12.ia.us iTunes account.  Organizational folders will not be recreated as part of this process, and will need to be recreated later.  Photos, music, and videos stored on the iPad will be erased.  Any items that you’ve purchased through a personal iTunes account will still be available in iTunes and can be downloaded again.

The spreadsheets below can be used to request apps.

Room-Assigned iPad App Requests


Adel Elementary iPad Cart App Requests


DeSoto iPad Cart App Requests


PLTW BioMed Cart App Requests


HS iPad Cart App Requests


MS iPad Cart App Requests


I hope that this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience.  In order for us to get started on this as soon as possible, please submit all app requests prior to leaving on December 19th.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.



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