Internet Bandwidth Upgraded

networkspeedIn an effort to get ahead of summer bandwidth updates, the ICN has processed our internet bandwidth upgrade for the 2014-2015 school year early, with the new data transfer capacity going into effect today.

Starting now, the district has access to a 160Mb pipe – up from 85Mb during the just-completed school year – which will allow us to better support the increasing demand for technologies such as streaming video, cloud-based design and development applications, cloud-connected Chromebooks, and bandwidth intensive mobile applications.  Further, this will allow us to increase the bandwidth cap on our guest wireless network, ensuring a better experience for visitors to the district.

This bandwidth is available on an equal basis to all devices in the district, regardless of building.  Our buildings are networked with 1Gb fiber connections, which – combined with gigabit capacities on our switches, wireless controller, and our new Palo Alto firewall – ensures that we can provide adequate bandwidth to students and staff throughout the district.  I’m looking forward to the start of next school year when we can see the expanded network capacity in action!

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