Staff Laptop Maintenance

In order to complete some required maintenance and administration, all staff-assigned laptops (not including desktop computers, classroom-assigned or mobile cart laptops, iPads, etc.) need to be brought to us for basic maintenance.  In order to facilitate this, we will be in each building for one day next week (see sched
ule below) and staff laptops can be dropped off for maintenance, or you can bring your computer in during one of six days in early June.  The details about turnaround times, etc., are included below.

In-Building Work Days
Staff members can bring laptops to us at any time between 7:30 AM and 2:00 PM on the following days.  We’ll perform all the work that we need to do on the laptop, and have it back to you within two hours.

Tuesday, May 20th: Adel Elementary
Wednesday, May 21st: DeSoto Intermediate
Thursday, May 22nd: High School / Middle School (we’ll be located in the tech office on this day)

Summer Work Appointments
Staff who cannot bring their computer in during those in-building work days should email me with a time that they will drop off their computer in the tech office during the days/times listed below.  Turnaround time during the summer will be a maximum of one day, and we will call when your laptop is finished.  Staff who are unavailable during any of these times (on maternity leave, for instance) will need to make separate arrangements for a later time during the summer, but please make these requests out of necessity only, as summer projects keep us from being in the tech office on many days during the summer.

Tuesday, 6/3: 9 AM to 2 PM
Wednesday, 6/4: 9 AM to 2 PM
Thursday, 6/5: 9 AM to 2 PM

Monday, 6/9: 9 AM to 2 PM
Tuesday, 6/10: 9 AM to 2 PM
Wednesday, 6/11: 9 AM to 2 PM

Non-Returning Staff
Staff with assigned laptops who will not be returning to the district next year should drop their laptop off with their building office as part of the checkout process.  These staff members do not need to bring computers in for maintenance during the schedule times.

2014-05-16 08.31.01What will we be doing to each laptop?
This will be the first time that we’ve touched all staff-assigned laptops since our hardware refresh two years ago.  This maintenance cycle will include:

  • operating system updates
  • Microsoft Office updates
  • Adobe updates (Acrobat, Flash, Shockwave, Creative Suite)
  • App Store updates
  • SSD firmware update verification
  • SMC firmware update verification
  • Wireless configuration verification
  • Casper management server connection verification
  • Active Directory login server connection verification
  • Profile permissions verification
  • Disk permissions repair
  • Inventory listing verification

No files or programs will be impacted by this maintenance.
It is our hope that these updates will ensure that your computer will be free of common problems, and will run smoothly throughout the summer and into next school year.

Classroom-Assigned and Mobile Cart Devices
These devices will be updated during the summer as part of our regular summer work schedule, and should not be brought in during the maintenance window.  If you are unsure about whether you should bring a laptop for maintenance, just send me an email and I can let you know whether it should be brought in.

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