New PLTW Computer Science Offering

flath-departmentThe ADM School District is excited to be welcoming Mrs. Robin West as our new high school computer science and technology teacher for the coming year, and we’re also excited about the new computer science curriculum that she’ll be teaching.  ADM has been heavily involved with Project Lead the Way (PLTW) course offerings, with multi-course engineering and biomedical science programs at ADM High School and the Gateway to Engineering program at ADM Middle School.  Starting next year, we will be offering the Computer Science and Software Engineering course from PLTW’s new computer science curriculum program beginning in Fall, 2014, and will be adding AP Computer Science in Fall, 2015.  The new PLTW course will allow our students to gain experience with:

  • mobile application development using Scratch, App Inventor, and Python
  • internet application development using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS
  • big data visualizations using Python
  • artificial intelligence using C++

A detailed outline of the Computer Science and Software Engineering course is available here.  Mrs. West will attend PLTW computer science training during the coming summer, and the technology department will be providing additional training and support relating to the development of our other technology course offerings.

By offering and supporting these courses, ADM continues to establish itself as a district that provides a variety of compelling and comprehensive STEM-related paths from which students can choose, and – we hope – furthers our ability to prepare our students well for future education and career opportunities.

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