Middle School Students to Central Iowa Tech Fair

For the past few years, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to be a judge at the Central Iowa Technology Fair at Iowa State University, which allows students from around central Iowa to showcase their skills in the areas of computer programming, 3-D rendering and non-linear animation, graphics/publishing, mobile app development, multimedia, music and sound design, video or linear presentations, and web presence. Each year, students from ADM Middle School attend the Tech Fair, and this year we have a large contingent of students who will be attending.  Middle School technology teacher Linda Burk will be accompanying 22 students as they present 19 different projects at next Tuesday’s event.  Projects range from Sketchup designs to websites to videos and more, with these creative titles:

  • StuCo Wants You
  • Simon Says
  • Hypocrites Complaining about Hypocritical People
  • The Light of My Life
  • Ball is Life
  • Field of Dreams
  • I’m Running and I Know It
  • Autotext
  • MIND-Craft
  • The World is Unkind
  • Just That One Girl
  • Paint Me Who I Am
  • My AQUA YHD Website and Blog
  • Riley’s Portfolio
  • Weebly Portfolio
  • T-Shirt Design

As usual, I’ll be judging in the computer programming division, but am excited to check out our students’ projects in all of the divisions, in addition to seeing what other students from across the region are up to.  As we continue to ramp up our focus on STEM education, it’s great to see students developing innovative projects with a variety of tools.

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1 Response to Middle School Students to Central Iowa Tech Fair

  1. Kim Timmerman says:

    Adam! We loved having you there as a judge and appreciate that you take the time to be a part of something like this. What a great opportunity for our Middle School students to showcase their technology talents, but to also learn from others! I know I was amazed with the WAY COOL projects! Thanks so much, Adam!
    Kim T.

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