Wireless Upgrade and Mimio Studio

Today’s development day in the ADM district has left sufficient free time to apply a major update to our Meru wireless network. All signs are pointing to it having been a trouble free upgrade, and once we have confirmed that there will be no adverse consequences then our attention will turn to making some configuration changes to allow functions that rely on Apple’s Bonjour service to operate. These include Apple TV’s, the Reflector app to allow screen mirroring on iOS devices, and our big target of finally being able to reliably print from our iPads. More updates on this as we progress.

The MimioStudio application has been prompting for updates recently, and unfortunately a bug prevents the application suite from activating after the most recent version is installed. Instead of updating from inside MimoStudio, it should instead be done from the Self Service application. This is on all our Apple Mac computers, and can be found from the Application menu. Version 11 is the current release, for anyone who wishes to upgrade. If you prefer the existing version then feel free to continue to use it. Should version 11 cause any troubles, version 9 can be reinstalled via the Self Service application too.

Updates are also going out for Adobe Flash Player, to fix a serious security risk associated with older versions. This should automatically install on all computers when they are connected to the ADM wifi network.

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