Tech Office Rearrangement: drop on by!

Every now and then I am motivated to write a post that is not about technology per se, but instead focuses on sharing other relevant information from the technology department.  Since we added a third office resident last August – David Morris joins me and Kendra Wolf in the district’s technology office – space has been a little bit cramped.  In order to find a good balance between desk space, work space, and meeting space, we decided to reimagine our office space, and came up with some changes that should make the office a bit more inviting.

W8_20140213142931First, we decided to move our storage shelves from the main area of the office to our server room (opposite our server racks) alongside the office.  While this results in a bit more cramped a storage area, it provides incentive for us to keep things organized and frees up about 30ft² of floor space in the office.

W8_20140213150722 W8_20140213142958 W8_20140213143047Second, I replaced my gigantic desk (which managed to be covered with junk all the time anyhow) with a much smaller wooden desk from my home.  There’s something about real wood that I always find relaxing, particularly when surrounded by all of this technology.  We set up a new workspace for David; this is sort of the antithesis of my minimalist approach to desk space, and David has “decorated” in his own way.  Kendra’s desk was moved to a nice location in one of the corners of the office.


Finally, we established a “living room” of sorts.  We used to have a large table in the middle of the office that could, in theory, be used for meetings with vendors, training sessions, etc.  In practice, the table was unsteady and crowded the middle of the office, and we never used it for its intended purpose.


Instead, I bought a living room set off of Craigslist (personally funded, for any sticklers for appropriate use of tax dollars 🙂 and we created a nice little work and meeting environment in the middle of the office.  If you’d like to stop by and try out our new chair and couch, we look forward to seeing you!


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