Technology PD Offerings (Spring, 2014)

All sessions begin at 3:30 PM, and are held in the Board Room unless otherwise noted

 imac_repair DIY Computer Maintenance (1/27)
Located in ADM HS Room 401A
Have you ever wanted to know what technicians do to speed up computers and to solve simple problems?  This session will cover simple DIY approaches to improving your computer’s performance and reliability, including permissions and disk repairs, operating system updates, application updates, spyware detection and removal, and system diagnostic tools.  Further, we’ll go through some steps to take to troubleshoot internet and networking problems, which may help you to address networking issues both on and off-campus.

SafariMontage Video Service (2/13)
SafariMontage is a video-on-demand service that is on demonstration loan to the district beginning at the end of January, 2014 until roughly the end of April, 2014.  During this demonstration, we hope to assess whether (and which components) we would like to purchase the service for the coming school year.  This session will introduce the video queue, streaming, editing, and sharing services offered by SafariMontage, all of which are available from any device through the web browser.

Help! I’m Trapped in Infinite Campus (2/20)
This session will address current topics facing Infinite Campus users in the district, including grading, attendance, and other issues.  Bring questions!


Social Networking and the Classroom (3/6)
An increasing number of schools and classrooms are making use of social networking as a tool for learning and communication.  At this session, you will see several approaches to the use of Facebook and Twitter to communicate with students, parents, and to facilitate school-focused communication between students.  A portion of this session will be dedicated to discussion of our policies relating to social networking as we move forward.


Alternatives to Printing (and flipping your classroom) (4/7)
Cutting down on printing can be a challenge, whether it relates to distributing information/materials to students, collecting assignments, or grading assignments.  This session will focus on services that teachers may find to be useful allies in a quest to create a greener classroom, including services for sharing resources and assignment collection (iBooks Author, iTunes U, Moodle, Schoology, WordPress) and paperless grading tips.  Many of these tools are also useful for development of a flipped classroom.  NOTE: If there is sufficient interest, a follow-up may be scheduled for this session to address some of these issues in greater depth.

Finding and Obtaining iPad Apps (5/1)
Summer can be a great time to search for apps to use during the coming year.  In this session, we’ll explore resources available for finding iPad apps, and I’ll go through the process of obtaining both free and paid apps for district devices.

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