A Message from David Morris, Information Systems Technician

david_morrisI am originally from Leicester, England (famous as the last resting place of King Richard III), I lived in Perth, Australia, for twenty years (famous for having lots of shark attacks), and am now living on a farm near Dallas Center (famous for having lots of corn), having married an Iowan farmers’ daughter. I have spent most of the last fifteen years in IT support and electronics repair roles, including a stint as a contractor for the Western Australian Government.

I started at ADM in fall, 2013 and wear many hats in the technology department. I can go from troubleshooting wireless networking issues to pulling paper out of a printer, to installing Windows servers, to replacing the screen on a Chromebook, to repairing the power supply on a PC, and sometimes all of those in a single day. Any time a request for technology support is made I will usually be the first person to look at it and assess what needs to be done.  I am constantly learning new skills thanks to the variety of equipment and applications in use within the ADM school district, and one of my key goals is to find ways to automate many of the common tasks my job entails to provide a better support experience.

Outside of work, I enjoy model trains, watching bad movies, and pretending I know a thing or two about house renovations.

Best Regards,

David Morris

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