Advanced Mimio Training at Adel Elementary

Last week, I had the opportunity to work with five members of the Adel Elementary technology cadre on some of the advanced functionality of MimioStudio.  MimioStudio is the software suite that we use with our interactive whiteboard devices, document cameras, and – in several buildings – classroom response clickers.

While all teachers in the district have received some instruction in how to use MimioStudio, this group – all of whom already had significant experience with the suite – was able to dive into concepts such as using ordering to create an interactive category matching lesson, implementing animated window panes, dice rolls, and cloning to create a counting activity, and the use of animated answer areas to allow students to test their object identification skills, among other things.  After learning about these tools, the teachers had a chance to begin work on implementing the new approaches in upcoming lessons.

One of the purposes of ADM’s building technology cadres is to be – in essence – an advance team when it comes to technology in the classroom.  This group worked hard to understand these technologies, and have already begun planning for introducing these skills to the rest of the Adel Elementary faculty.

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