New Notification/Alert System

One of our exciting technology additions for the 2013-2014 school year is the SchoolMessenger notification system, which allows the ADM Schools to communicate quickly and efficiently with parents, students, staff, and others in our community.

With this new system, the ADM Schools can send emergency and non-emergency phone calls, emails, and text messages. As we transition into using the system, it will be used primarily for emergency notifications, such as weather-related delays/closures, transportation issues, and event cancellations. As we become more familiar with the system, the system will be used for non-emergency communications as well, like newsletters, athletic updates, and class communications.

One of the advantages of this system over traditional email lists is that each communication can be targeted. A notification of a 2-hour delay, for instance, would go to all parents and staff, while the Adel Elementary newsletter will only go to parents of Adel Elementary students. The system allows us to drill down even further; an athletic team schedule can be sent to only those who have subscribed to it, for instance. Further, we can easily control how a message is distributed. A school closure due to a power outage, for instance, would be sent to parents via phone, text message, and email, while a newsletter would likely only be sent out via email.

With these controls in place, we hope to achieve our goal to provide important, timely information without overwhelming our community. Non-emergency communications will be kept to a reasonable level and only sent to the specific group(s) to which they apply, and in many cases receipt of these types of communication will be optional.

For more information about the system, check out the frequently asked questions below.

ADM Schools SchoolMessenger Notification System FAQ

How did you get my contact information for the notification system?  All parent, staff, and student contact information comes from our Infinite Campus student information system, and includes information that you provided to the district during student registration.

Can I change my contact information?  Yes, you’ll just need to call the district office (515.993.4283) to update your information.  Your contact information will be updated in Infinite Campus, and within about 12 hours will also be updated in SchoolMessenger.  

How quickly do messages get sent out?  Phone calls and emails go out to all contacts within 15 minutes or so of being sent, with longer times for greater contact numbers.

Can I opt out of communications?  Yes.  Each communication includes instructions for opting out.  Further, you can call the district office to remove certain phone numbers/email addresses from Infinite Campus, which will also remove them from SchoolMessenger.

How do I sign up for optional communications?  The signup process for optional communications (like athletic team newsletters) hasn’t yet been established.  You will receive information about how to sign up for these types of notifications as soon as the system is set up.

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