Tech Questions: What’s the deal with the communications tower that was just built on school district property in Adel?

The cell phone tower that was constructed over the summer of 2012 is owned by Verizon Wireless, and was activated at the beginning of December, 2012.  The tower is located just east of the high school/middle school complex (see below) on school district property.


The tower’s activation fills in what had been a significant dead zone for Verizon voice and data communication, and now provides 4G and voice service to users at ADM High School and Middle School.  If you are one of those users, be aware that you can still opt to continue to use the on-campus wireless network as a means of getting a faster internet connection and avoiding cellular data charges.  That said, if you have an unlimited data plan, using cellular communications while at school – rather than the school’s WiFi network – will reduce the number of devices on our network, improving performance for remaining devices.

In return for allowing Verizon to build the tower on school district property, the district is compensated by Verizon at a rate of $850/month, which contributes to the general fund.  None of the district’s new computers or tablets are cellular-capable (all are WiFi-only), so the tower is not being used to provide connectivity to any district-owned devices.

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