What’s New in the ADM Tech Department: Guest Wireless

With the implementation of our new managed wireless network, the ADM Schools are now offering guest wireless access.  This network can be used without a password by ADM staff, students, and guests using non-district devices, while still meeting federal standards for internet security, including basic website filtering and firewall protection.

In order to guarantee internet access for mission-critical use, the guest network is dynamically throttled, based upon the utilization of the district’s internet bandwidth by the district’s secured wireless networks.  If, for instance, the district’s secured networks are only using 10 of the 40Mb internet bandwidth to which the district has access, the guest network will be guaranteed a minimum of 10Mb of internet bandwidth for its use.  If the secured network utilization increases, the guest network will be throttled back to guarantee sufficient bandwidth for district devices, with the guest network being guaranteed a minimum of 512Kb.  That said, logs show that so far this year the guest network has generally been operating at nearly its full capacity, as the district’s internet bandwidth – while occasionally being maxed out – is generally sufficient to allow both the guest and district networks to operate at full capacity.

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