Laptop Replacement This Summer

Faculty and staff laptops – with a handful of exceptions – will be replaced this summer, and technology staff will require a bit of time to process all of the new equipment and guarantee a smooth transition for users from old laptops to new.  Check out the guide below for details:

Do I get to keep my laptop throughout the summer?  Your laptop will need to be checked in for a week or two in July to transition from your current laptop to your new laptop.  You can take it home with you and bring it back in July if you like, or you can leave it at the end of the year.  Laptops can be dropped off between July 2nd and July 13th, excluding the 4th of July.  The technology office will be open for dropoffs between 10 AM and noon.

Do I need to backup my files?  What will happen to them?  All of your documents, music, videos, etc. will be transferred from your old laptop to your new laptop.  That said, it’s always a good idea to back up your data on a regular basis, and especially prior to a process like this.

How will you notify me when my laptop is done?  You will be notified via e-mail and/or phone when your new laptop is ready to be picked up.

Will all of my software still be on the laptop?  We’ll copy all software that will still run on the new laptops.  Some older applications will not work on new versions of OS X.  Further, your laptops will either have pre-installed or have access to a number of software titles that the district will have site licenses for, including the newest version of Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite CS6.

Why won’t you be processing the new laptops earlier?  Due to restrictions on our PPEL funds, we cannot take delivery for most of our new Apple equipment until after July 1st.

What if can’t drop my laptop off between July 2nd and 13thIn this case, you can drop it off at the end of the year, or earlier in the summer by appointment.  Laptops not dropped off until after July 13th, except where arrangements have been made prior, may be subject to lengthy processing delays.  Coaches and other staff who use laptops throughout the summer should contact me to make arrangements that meet your specific needs.

Do I need to do anything with student computers in my room?  Leave any student equipment in your room or area.  This will be processed by technology staff during the summer.

What will become of the old equipment?  Some of the newer equipment may stay with the district to form a loaner pool, but most of the old equipment will be sold through Apple to a used equipment dealer.

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