Preparing for Summer Service Outages

During the summer, the district’s technology department will be upgrading or replacing almost the entire ADM data network, as well as performing significant upgrades and changes to the district’s server infrastructure.  While these changes will result in significantly improved performance and a much broader range of service offerings, there will be some interruptions while the changes are implemented.

Notice of any planned outages will be posted on this blog, as well as e-mailed to ADM staff members via their district e-mail accounts.  Since the blog is hosted entirely offsite, this will be a useful point of reference if at any point you are trying to make use of ADM technology resources and find that they are unavailable.

Currently, I know that portions of the district’s data network will be down in late-May to the beginning of June.  Network outages – especially in that they impact phone service – will be kept as short as possible, and will, for the most part, only affect a single portion of the network (i.e., the high school south wing) at a time.  Server upgrades will be implemented during roughly the same time period, although outages due to server work should be much less significant as we are not engaging in a wholesale replacement of our existing server infrastructure.

The district’s new wireless network will be put in place beginning in late-May, but will coexist for a time with the existing wireless network, reducing the need for downtime in terms of wireless service.  While we are reducing the number of active ethernet ports in conjunction with the wireless project (i.e., a typical classroom will only have one active port for the phone, rather than one for the phone and one for the computer), ports will not be deactivated until the new wireless network, which should provide comprehensive and high-performance service throughout all locations in our buildings, is fully operational.

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