MimioVote Student Response Systems Distributed

Due to a promotion that Dymo was running in March, the district received two free MimioVote student response systems with a previously-planned purchase of eight MimioTeach interactive whiteboard devices.  These systems – which normally cost $1,500 to $2,000 each – include 24 response clickers each, and are designed to work with the MimioStudio software that the district is already using with its MimioTeach interactive whiteboard devices and MimioView Document Cameras.

The systems allow teachers to collect student responses instantaneously, and can be used for quizzes and exams, checks for understanding before moving on, or for general surveys and other types of questions.  Responses can be linked to the student responding and fed directly into gradebook software, or responses can be collected anonymously.  Some of the cool features available with the MimioVote include an ability to use the response clickers as part of a self-paced assignment or exam.  Acknowledging the limits of multiple choice and true/false questions, the system can be used effectively even with a mix of the types of questions that response clickers can be used with along with those it can’t, such as essay and short answer questions.

In order to make sure that the new systems were put to good use, an application process was developed and teachers who attended a training session could apply to have one of the systems in their classroom.  Upon review of a number of outstanding applications, the systems were awarded to Jodi Baier (HS Spanish) and Cindy Baldon (MS Social Studies).  Each of these teachers had great ideas for how to use the response systems to better meet the needs of their students, and I’m looking forward to seeing them put into action!

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