Summer Technology Updates

Since the passage of the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy in February, we’ve been working on solidifying plans for the district’s planned technology upgrades.  With so many upgrades, additions, and replacements taking place, I’ve had many people ask about the schedule for each of the summer projects.

The start of May will bring with it the beginning of a number of PPEL-related projects, including running data cabling for our wireless network project, which has already started, and activation of the new wireless network and wired switches, both of which should occur within the week and a half after school ends.  In addition, server upgrades will begin in mid-May, scheduled to coincide with bringing our new network components online.  Also in May, the request for proposals period (public bid process) will conclude for our classroom technology project, with work – pending vendor selection – beginning at the beginning of June.  We expect that all classroom installations and equipment relating to our standard classroom technology package will be in place by the middle of June.

Our first batch of computers will be ordered in May, with the bulk of computer purchases occurring at the beginning of July.  Teacher laptops will be replaced during the summer (as early as possible), and lab computers will be replaced in July.  Also by July, we expect to have all of our mobile labs (MacBooks, iPads, ChromeBooks) assembled and configured for the year.  While details are still subject to change, teachers will have the option of leaving their current laptops with the district at the end of the year, or will be able to drop them off during an upgrade window (likely in mid to late June) for a short transition to new laptops.

Between implementation of new technologies, we’ll also be busy throughout late May and June removing existing equipment from the buildings.  All of the equipment that we remove will be sold, either through Apple or the GovDeals website, returning significant value to the district in the process.

It will be a busy summer in the technology department, but I’m most looking forward to seeing all of these technology improvements get put to use in August, 2012!


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