Setting Up Your MimioView Document Camera

The video and step-by-step instructions below walk you through the process of setting up your MimioView document camera.

In order to use your MimioView document camera, start by unboxing it.  The box contains the document camera itself, a USB cord to connect the document camera to your computer, a small black adapter that allows you to use your document camera with a microscope, and the MimioStudio software CD (unnecessary if you download the software).

Step 1:  Remove the protective film from the MimioView document camera, including the small piece of film on the camera lens

Step 2:  Make sure MimioStudio software is installed on your computer.  For instructions, check out my post on installing the software.

Step 3:  Connect the large end of the USB cord to your computer, and the small end to the back of the MimioView document camera.

Step 4:  Press the power button (the button on the front of the document camera with a large square on it)

As soon as the MimioView is turned on, it should automatically open the MimioView software and display on the computer’s screen.  If the computer is connected to a projector, the image can be projected.

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