ADM Staff Computer Replacement Survey

While the district has an inventory of existing equipment, I’d like to hear directly from district staff members regarding the district-issued computers you currently use, as well as your “ideal world” situation when we replace computers.

This is only a short survey (about 2-3 minutes to complete), but please give it some thought, especially as it relates to determining your computer needs.  While I can’t guarantee that preferences indicated in this survey will be met, it will help us to ensure that the equipment we put in place is appropriate and efficiently-implemented.

Note that you will need to log into your ADM Google Apps account (if you’re not already) to take the survey.  Your ADM Apps username should be your first initial and last name (i.e., akurth), with the password you chose for Google Apps.  If you don’t have or remember your Google Apps password and/or account name, please let me know and I can provide that information to you.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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