Technology PD Sessions

I’ll be offering a series of technology-related professional development sessions every other week for the rest of the semester.  These sessions are all optional, but hopefully everyone can find at least one or two that pique your interest.  Each session will last for about 40 minutes, so my hope is that each of the sessions will be possibilities for all staff, regardless of building.  You don’t need to RSVP, but if you’re planning to attend one or more sessions I would appreciate an e-mail so I can get a sense of seating requirements, etc.

In December, I’ll send out a similar schedule with dates for the beginning of the semester, after sending out a survey and collecting other information to determine what sessions should be offered.

Early Winter PD Opportunities
Technology Department
Adel DeSoto Minburn Community School District

Synchronizing Files with Dropbox
Wednesday, November 16th
7:15 AM, ADM Schools Board Room
Dropbox is an amazing (and free!) tool that you can use to keep your files synchronized between all of the computers and other devices that you use at work or at home.  Learn how you can effortlessly sync your data between devices and make it available on the internet, as well as how to share documents with other Dropbox users.

Online Quizzes / Surveys with Google Apps
Monday, November 28th
3:40 PM, ADM Schools Board Room
Through its Forms tool, Google Apps offers the ability to design and distribute quizzes, surveys, and other forms online.  Learn how to make use of this tool in your classrooms and beyond.

Mimio Interactive Whiteboard
Wednesday, December 14th
7:15 AM, Adel Elementary
The Mimio Interactive device is one of the key components of the PPEL minimum classroom technology standard.  Come see how the Mimio device works, try it out, and discuss ideas for how it can be implemented in your classroom.  Further, learn about the online community that contains tens of thousands of Mimio activities and lesson plans for every grade level and subject area.

Document Cameras
Thursday, Janurary 12th
3:40 PM, DeSoto Intermediate
Once we implement the PPEL minimum classroom technology standards, every classroom will be equipped with a document camera.  Learn about the features these devices have to offer, and take the opportunity to work with one yourself.

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