Helpful Technology Websites

Every so often, I get asked about where to find useful tech-related information on the internet.  Here are a few of my favorite technology sites on the web:

ZDNet ( A great site for technology and IT news, with many daily updates

cnet ( ZDNet’s consumer-oriented cousin is cnet, which includes technology reviews (computers, cameras, cars, etc.) and technology news that tends to be a little lighter than ZDNet

The Whiteboard Blog ( This UK-based site offers tons of resources for teachers who want to integrate technology more effectively in the classroom.  Find activity ideas, software/device reviews, tutorials, content-area resources, etc. at this site

Gizmodo ( Similar to cnet, this site features more in-depth reviews and includes news and information about somewhat more obscure developments in the tech world

Lifehacker ( This is a great site that includes information about applications and tips/tricks that can frequently be useful additions to your computing environment

Spoofee ( While not specifically a technology site, Spoofee includes links to 15-20 deals (online or otherwise) each day, in addition to linking to many coupons.  Some of the deals that can be found on this site are outstanding.

Android Apps ( Anybody who has an Android phone or tablet should check out this site, which includes up-to-date information about offerings for Android devices

Apple Store for Education ( In the market for a computer or software?  The Apple Store for Education provides excellent discounts for faculty/staff/students.

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